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Coming attractions...

2 prints and some laser cut blocks of mine are en route to Chicago right now...

Wood Type, Evolved: Experimental Letterpress & Relief Printing in the 21st Century
Curated by April Sheridan and Nick Sherman
The Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College, Chicago

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Rebecca + Bryce

Designed by Hillary Cribben & Percy Bright

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Announcing Tahrir Documents

We are pleased to announce the launch of Tahrir Documents, an ongoing project to archive and translate printed discourse from the 2011 Egyptian revolution and its aftermath. The website presents a diverse collection of materials — among them activist newspapers, personal essays, advertisements, missives, and party communications —- in complete English translation alongside reproductions of the Arabic-language originals. The site will be updated regularly, frequently, and indefinitely as new writings appear in response to post-revolution developments, and as we locate earlier materials.

The assembled documents address a variety of contemporary concerns including Muslim-Christian relations, constitutional amendments, moral conduct, revolutionary strategy, and the women's rights movement. Some of the highlights of the collection:

We invite you to examine the the website, and to return regularly as we post communications and commentaries from the post-Mubarak era. We believe the archive indicative of the diversity of political thought and action in contemporary Egypt, and hope that this diversity is of interest to anyone following the country's transforming situation. The archive is searchable.

Tahrir Documents is the work of volunteer translators in Egypt and abroad. It is not affiliated with any of those authors or groups whose works appear in translation on the website, nor with any organization foreign or domestic.

For more information please write to the editorial board at We invite the submission of materials for translation and publication on the website.


The Editors and Staff of Tahrir Documents / /

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COURIER (a workshop production) is coming to St. Louis next week!

You order A...or..B. We build/make. Then deliver.

It's sharing, caring (?), and me and Avery constructing cubes, making a huge mess with screenprints and a frankensteined letterpress, and most likely riding bicycles around in our underpants.

More details about the conference & event HERE.

Pre-order using the form on our site, email us with questions or requests (, or give us a ring at (314) 329-7BAM...that is: (314) 329-7226

Thanks a billion and a half to our sponsors for this project: Savoir Faire (Fabriano & Charbonnel papers & inks, respectively) and Big Shark Bike Co.

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