Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Nearly everyone has an empathy with fine wood products..."

"There were types for which I would have traded by car, house, or wife, and my reputation as a bore at cocktail parties grew immeasurably during these years, for not that many people were interested in wood type."

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PROPS: Matt/Sofie/Ivanco

Letterpress Charades?

Esherick Notes & Themes...

Digital > Manual > Digital > Manual
The Joy of the Process




Action sets
Instruction sets
Theater troupe


Esherick Activity...

Using the Everyman font (wood type blocks) and assorted wood blocks of geometric shapes (type-high), the workshop group will create a "freeform" composition, based on chance and personal interpretation of instructions for a manual placement of each block.

The ink colors used will also be determined by chance, in selection of hue and mixing ratios.

3 bags
1 for the blocks
1 for orientation
1 for positioning on the bed

1. Person A picks a letter/shape out of Bag 1.
2. Person B picks an orientation out of Bag 2.
3. Person C picks a position out of Bag 3.
4. Person D sets this block in the bed according to these instructions.
5. Repeat 1-4 until each person has set a block in the bed.

MIXING THE INK (2 color print)
2 bags:
1 for ratio numbers
1 colors

1. Person A picks a number out of Bag 1.
2. Person B picks a color out of Bag 2.
3. Person C picks a number out of Bag 1.
4. Person D picks a color out of Bag 2.
5. Person E mixes ink from Color A and Color B in ratio.
6. Repeat for second ink color.

2 bags:
1 for Names of participants
1 for Number of pulls

1. The rollers are inked with Color A beginning on the right, Color B beginning on the left.
2. Each person picks a name out of Bag 1.
3. Selected person picks a number from Bag 2.
4. Selected person proceeds to pull x number of prints.
5. Repeat until all participants have pulled x number of prints.
So long as the private press
wears liberty as her crown
the people are free.
—J. Ben Lieberman

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Working on a proposal for this...

Southern Graphics Council

The 2011 SGC International Conference
Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts
Washington University, St. Louis, MO.
March 16 – 19, 2011

In contemporary printmaking, equilibrium looks like a vast liquid whose glassy surface reflects the world to us. It ripples with any slight nudge, making distorted but fresh images each time it is disturbed. The ripples, like radio waves, are absorbed everywhere and by everything; print has become ubiquitous. And yet it maintains autonomy and power, beauty and depth.

The conference theme Equilibrium addresses printmaking's timeless ability to absorb constant change and to balance complementary forces within the shifting landscape of the field. Printmaking is synthetic and integrative, a complex set of fluctuating relationships between makers, materials, means of production and distribution, critical discourse, contemporary art, and popular culture. These forces create a dynamic equilibrium, even as the field of printmaking is challenged from within and without.

Equilibrium explores the challenges, fluctuating forces, currents, and (new) waves, as well as the poise, reflection, and continuity of print in the 21st century. Inherent to any state of equilibrium is the very real possibility of disequilibrium. This conference will also examine the fruitful instability of disequilibrium that can produce provocative changes in practice and theory.