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Letterpress Improv Workshop: October 16, 1-4 pm

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Here's what happens:

1. You sign up for this event by calling or emailing Andrea Gottschalk at 215.746.5824 or, and make a nominal donation of $10 to The Common Press for paper, ink, and supporting the creative respirator machine for fine letterpress printing in a digital age.

2. I fly down to Philadelphia with a sack full of wood type, which I will probably have to check (gah!).

3. You meet me at The Morgan Building (34th & Locust) on Saturday, October 16 at 1 pm.

4. You listen to me give a succinct and hopefully not terribly awkward talk on The History of Wood Type in America.

5. You receive some delicious reading material for at-home-consumption.

6. I walk you through setting wood type into a lockup, and then how to prepare, ink up, print with, and clean up a Vandercook Universal letterpress.

7. We pick random pieces of paper out of a bunch of little bags with instructions that dictate a free-form composition of wood type.

8. You go home with some CRAZY prints & ink stains under your fingernails that (don't worry) will come off in 3-4 days.

9. Your heart is full of sentimental typographic memories of our time together.

Getting Older Means Getting Sassier

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

List of Items for Serious Review in Contemplative Bath

1. Nicky Minaj

"We got tom-toms over here bigger than a monster."

2. Solidified Bacon Drippings

3. All Tomorrow's Parties

Monday, September 13, 2010

For Friends (Part II): Denver-bound...

Ugh wow, this is seriously enough. Time to replace the digital camera that closed its eyes to the world after hanging out with me in a rainstorm...whoops.

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Faux-fesore Cloister

Creating "course packet material".

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