Monday, June 30, 2008

New Project, Ahoy!

Last night, Gmail delivered exciting news...

A friend is gathering work for a collaborative publication! A compendium, you might say, of works on paper by smart cookies. I think this means that I am a Friend and also a Smart Cookie. Glee! This is a really great reason to start something new, something devoid of commercial concern. So I will.

But in the meantime, I am headed to see The Mighty St. Lawrence to swim in really cold water and be on a sailboat again. And perhaps pay a visit to an old friend...

Punk Rock Flea Market Goods [OVERSTOCK]

THE MARKET: It was a long, trying day inside the 258-million-degrees-Fahrenheit Starlight Ballroom on Saturday... Philadelphia is sweating and stretching. Summer is upon us.

THE VERDICT: I ended up not-quite breaking even...and have 26 sets of letterpressed greeting cards left, along with 12 single-sheet proofs of the various designs. Each card is a two-color print (4" x 5" folded) on Stonehenge paper. There are four designs and they come with envelopes that are embossed with a To: and From: heading. Each set contains one each of all four designs. The proofs are printed on Stonehenge and Arches Cream.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you would be so desirous (and also kind) to take some of these good goods off my hands with a few buckeroos to throw my way, I'd be MORE than happy to ship and/or hand deliver to your doorstep. Please go ahead and contact me via email at, as I am a disturbingly rapid e-responder.

In the midst of creating the packaging for these, I sliced my left index finger wide open with an X-Acto knife. This finger was my Best Blogging Finger. I think my internet performance is suffering. But may her now-cloven tip live long and prosper.

The Scene of The Accident...

The Good Goods...

My wee feet are swollen from a lot of walking lately. A size comparison here for ye.

"Business Letter" - Two-color (light pink/magenta) letterpress print on Stonehenge

"Thank You Letter" - Two-color (red-orange/red gradient) letterpress print on Stonehenge

"Love Letter" - Two-color (black/gold metallic) letterpress print on Stonehenge

"Hate Letter" - Two-color (cyan/silver metallic) letterpress print on Stonehenge

So here's to the start of a new week! One which houses A Day of Independence, and (hopefully) less blood on my living room floor! Hear, hear!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Joyful Return.

It has been one month and two days since I graduated from Penn. But more importantly, one month and four days since I last worked in the print shop. For shame. But that isn't to say that I wasn't busy in The Itinerary and in The Brain.

Summer 2008's printing adventures kicked off with a glorious 7-hour Vandercook battle. I printed a series of frivolous (of course!) Good Goods to offer for sale at the Common Press Club's flea market booth next weekend. Here is a sneak preview...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visit The Common Press Club at our table...

The so-lovely ladytypes of The University of Pennsylvania's Common Press Club will have an assortment of good goods for sale at R5 Productions' Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday, June 28th!

The Starlight Ballroom is located at 460 North 9th Street (Just Below 9th & Spring Garden).

Come out, say hi, and have a gander at all the side projects we've been working on! More details forthcoming...

Monday, June 9, 2008

I Love Typography!!! dot com!!!

No, really. Seriously. Check out this excellent mention of type-high in the Sunday Type column...