Monday, June 30, 2008

Punk Rock Flea Market Goods [OVERSTOCK]

THE MARKET: It was a long, trying day inside the 258-million-degrees-Fahrenheit Starlight Ballroom on Saturday... Philadelphia is sweating and stretching. Summer is upon us.

THE VERDICT: I ended up not-quite breaking even...and have 26 sets of letterpressed greeting cards left, along with 12 single-sheet proofs of the various designs. Each card is a two-color print (4" x 5" folded) on Stonehenge paper. There are four designs and they come with envelopes that are embossed with a To: and From: heading. Each set contains one each of all four designs. The proofs are printed on Stonehenge and Arches Cream.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you would be so desirous (and also kind) to take some of these good goods off my hands with a few buckeroos to throw my way, I'd be MORE than happy to ship and/or hand deliver to your doorstep. Please go ahead and contact me via email at, as I am a disturbingly rapid e-responder.

In the midst of creating the packaging for these, I sliced my left index finger wide open with an X-Acto knife. This finger was my Best Blogging Finger. I think my internet performance is suffering. But may her now-cloven tip live long and prosper.

The Scene of The Accident...

The Good Goods...

My wee feet are swollen from a lot of walking lately. A size comparison here for ye.

"Business Letter" - Two-color (light pink/magenta) letterpress print on Stonehenge

"Thank You Letter" - Two-color (red-orange/red gradient) letterpress print on Stonehenge

"Love Letter" - Two-color (black/gold metallic) letterpress print on Stonehenge

"Hate Letter" - Two-color (cyan/silver metallic) letterpress print on Stonehenge

So here's to the start of a new week! One which houses A Day of Independence, and (hopefully) less blood on my living room floor! Hear, hear!