Thursday, June 3, 2010

Letterpress Charades?

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Esherick Activity...

Using the Everyman font (wood type blocks) and assorted wood blocks of geometric shapes (type-high), the workshop group will create a "freeform" composition, based on chance and personal interpretation of instructions for a manual placement of each block.

The ink colors used will also be determined by chance, in selection of hue and mixing ratios.

3 bags
1 for the blocks
1 for orientation
1 for positioning on the bed

1. Person A picks a letter/shape out of Bag 1.
2. Person B picks an orientation out of Bag 2.
3. Person C picks a position out of Bag 3.
4. Person D sets this block in the bed according to these instructions.
5. Repeat 1-4 until each person has set a block in the bed.

MIXING THE INK (2 color print)
2 bags:
1 for ratio numbers
1 colors

1. Person A picks a number out of Bag 1.
2. Person B picks a color out of Bag 2.
3. Person C picks a number out of Bag 1.
4. Person D picks a color out of Bag 2.
5. Person E mixes ink from Color A and Color B in ratio.
6. Repeat for second ink color.

2 bags:
1 for Names of participants
1 for Number of pulls

1. The rollers are inked with Color A beginning on the right, Color B beginning on the left.
2. Each person picks a name out of Bag 1.
3. Selected person picks a number from Bag 2.
4. Selected person proceeds to pull x number of prints.
5. Repeat until all participants have pulled x number of prints.

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