Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Laser Cutter Session Two

I added a new letterform from a Nintendo-inspired font I am working on...

Today we had two trials:

NO. 6 deeper, good definition (50, 20, 150)
NO. 7 deepest, good definition (60, 20, 150)

Dennis and I decided to prepare the cut from Trial 7 for printing.

First, we wiped the sticky residue off the wood with water and paper towel. Dennis explained that this occurred from the natural moisture/oils of the wood sap. We then cut a block of appropriate size with the band saw, and used calipers to measure the height of the block. It was less than type-high, so a piece of sheet metal was cut with the band saw to the same size and adhered to the underside of the block with double sided carpet tape (temporary).

To Do:
Ink the block by hand and observe how it reacts.
Find out more detailed information about the composition of the inks I will be using.

Next, I brought in some wood type from the Print Shop to show Dennis. He cleaned and analyzed a piece of type. As he had suspected, it was hand carved from the end grain wood of a very hard maple. The qualities to look for in a good piece of wood for carving type are as follows:

Homogenous grain structure
Tight grain structure
Durable (not splintery)
Large end grain area to accomodate for curface area of carving

Groff & Groff Lumber, Inc.
858 Scotland Road
Quarryville, PA 17566
Owned/operated by friendly Mennonite folk. I am to go visit and ask for
rift sawn, clean hard maple FAS (finished all sides).
These people are "serious about wood".

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