Monday, October 1, 2007

BROADSIDE ONE comin' atcha.

Today I went to Utrecht and selected an Arches Cover Cold Press 280 lb. paper in Natural White. It was sold in 22" x 30" sheets. To make this most economical, while striving to maintain a tabloid-feel page size, I pared the sheets into quarters, keeping the fibrous edges.

So each page of my book will be 11" x 15" - a goodly size, methinks.

In order to prevent another day-long saga in the land of Mineral Spirits, I headed down to the print shop at 10:30 pm on a Sunday night to:
[a] Print a quick idea for a funny broadside for the Space 1026 Battle
[b] Bust out Broadside One: Handsome Dennis.

Both goals were achieved.

BROADSIDE ONE of EIGHT in a series of twenty

Play time...

My Printing Outfit - a Greg Lago woodcut for Save the River - Clayton, NY

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