Monday, June 1, 2009

AHN|VHS Gallery

Gumption rules.

I mean that the embodiment and enactment of inspiration, aspiration, and perspiration is a welcome oasis in a sea of digital loafing.

AHN| VHS Gallery in Philadelphia is one such island of "from-scratch" motivation and dedication. Co-operated by Julie Ahn and Lauren van Haaften-Shick, the 4th floor studio/gallery space at 11th and Vine opened last First Friday with a showing of works on paper from the resident Flat File.

The gallery walls and awesome white lighting system were self-built and installed. I was totally impressed. The space also features neatly arrayed shelves of some swate-ass printed matter.

And what rules even more is that AHN|VHS is now carrying a print of mine in the Flat File! Hot damn. I'm tickled red.

Check it out here.


So I've skipped town like a bandit, and subsequently cheated myself out of the opportunity to check out June's show, SKETCHY STASH, featuring sketchbooks from Bill McRight The Great. If you're in/on/around/near The Big Brotherly Love this weekend, stop in and take a look-see. Also, give Julie a big slobbery bear hug for me...

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