Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OMG Printmaking!!! at Charlottesville Trade School

Seventeen hours of southward travel from Tamworth, New Hampshire, places one a city between the hills: Charlottesville, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is here. The Pomp lives here. Many more delightful individuals and efficient bagel shops are here, too.

Last night I had the honor & pleasure of assisting with a mixed media printmaking class at the Charlottesville Trade School.

More info from the site...
The Charlottesville Trade School is turning seemingly ordinary spaces into energized classrooms where friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers share skills and good company. We're putting a twist on education with a work + play mentality.

Bartering is back! Rather than paying for instruction, students sign up to learn new trades by meeting the teacher’s barter requests—anything from a dozen free range eggs, a good book, mixed CDs/TAPES, a random act of kindness, tools, to an original work of art! The trade school is a forum for exchange.

Classes are held at various locations around Charlottesville and will typically last 1-2 hours on weekday evenings.


Our class, OMG Printmaking!!!, covered the processes of silkscreen, etching, intaglio, relief, and letterpress. Participants got some hands-on experience with silkscreen, relief (see Avery's sah-weet wood chopping/printing setup), and letterpress.

So rewarding to share & so much fun. And I'm not even specifically referring to the 84-cookie payment. (Imminent bloating). More photos on Charlottesville Trade School Flickr!

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