Saturday, February 23, 2008

type-high round-up, wrap-up, wind-down

I have been terribly negligent in wrapping up this project via photographic internet evidence! This situation will be remedied immediately.

So far, copies have been distributed to:
Matt Neff - Common Press/Print Shop Manager
David Comberg - Advisor
The Kelly Writers House
Dennis Pierrattini - Penn Design Fabrication Lab Manager

Appointments are in the works to deliver folios to:
Julie Schneider - Undergraduate Chair, Penn Fine Arts
Lynne Farrington - Van Pelt Rare Books & Manuscripts Library

More about the folio structure and its creation:
Sibylla Benatova from the Rare Books & Manuscripts Library got me through the creation of a working mock-up.
Then I created ten final versions of them by hand in the studio.
The main structure is Mohawk Concept 160 lb. Cover in Mahogany.
The front and back panels are Mohawk Concept 130 lb. Cover in Wood Spice.
The front panel was printed on a Vandercook No. 4 proofing press (same as the broadsides).
The panels were adhered with diluted PVA.
The edges were sealed with methyl cellulose.
The folio shuts with a tucked-in tab closure.

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