Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Those "In The Know"

Donald Kuspit visited The University of Pennsylvania for a lecture. This morning, we had an in-gallery critique with him.

SOME NOTES from my segment:

- These prints are abstract. You are using the letters as gesture.

- Attesting to the idea that abstract works aren't dead. A new kind of abstract.

- You are undergoing a dilemma. Do you go the industrial, commercial design route to support yourself, or go the other route into color, gesture, and pushing the ideas of modern abstraction?

- Scramble more. More 'word salad', for lack of a better term.

- The digital parts are so cheery, so upbeat. They don't square with the seriousness of the visual testing going on in the prints. They are a starting point. Don't try and return to them to 'finish' the study.

- There is a context, today, for this nostalgia, this re-interpolation of these techniques.

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nevolution said...

Can I ask what the context for the nostalgia is?