Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Collaboration Breeds Celebration, Innovation, And The Will To Dominate

It was an unexpected, albeit healthy group jam session in the basement. We made a mess and cleaned it all up, and somewhere in between managed to create some objects and work through a few errant thoughts itching on the brain. We printed this progressive edition on newsprint (the wheatpaste plan will be issued in a later installment) with a highly overpacked tympan. We began with a near-pure cyan and terminated with a lavish display of deep violets, murky browns, and hand-applied white spatterings. The results were thick, dark, and deep. "Sensual," if you will.

2/3 of The Current Morgan Printshop Dynasty of Co-Queens

The Set-Up.

For Civilized Ladies.

For Wild Women.

For Lost Boys Left in Our Collective Wake.

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