Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mah Flickah.

In early May, my industrious room-mate did a photoshoot of some prints/books I've made, as an official "digital portfolio" of sorts. This series seems like old news to me, but not to the rest of the Internet World. Or The World, in general. Or maybe just this little circle of readers/friends who I manage to find time to talk with in person nearly-weekly.

Anyway, getting these images together is a great idea, because it happens to coincide with a semi-noteworthy event:

After an evening with one-of-my-favorite-printing-friends-ever, Emma, of emilie/ITC Kabel immortalization, I announced to myself, "Self, You Will Get Your Flickr Profile Back In Order." So I did. And I made a little set to share...

P.S. Sometimes "Flickr" sounds like "Flickle." And if you say that five times fast, you will feel quite silly and forget most of your printing-related/non-printing-related woes.

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